Welding Screen Autochange

The New-Tech autochange welding shield has an auto darkening filter providing variable 9-13 shade welding protection.

  • For use with Concept Reduced Peak helmet in conjunction with Speedy Loop Adaptor.
  • The Speedy Loop adaptor enables the New-Tech Welding Shield to be quickly and easily removed and fitted to the Concept helmet



Approved To

EN 379 + EN 175. Autochange 9-13.
Approved for use with Concept Reduced Peak safety helmet

Key Features

Weight: 95g

Viewing area: 95 x 46.5mm

Detailed specification: Open state - shade 4
Closed state - shade 9 - 13
Switching time at 23ºC (73ºF) - 0.15 ms
Clearing time - 0.4 s
UV/IR protection - UV16/IR16
Temperature range - 10ºC (+14ºF)/+60ºC (+140ºF)
TIG detection - enhanced
Energy supply - solar cells /no battery to change

Product Codes: S905SL
S30SL - Speedy Loop