Specialised Cold Weather Hood System

A cold weather system utilising Nomex® Comfort fabrics, offering flame resistance, static electricity protection and protection against electric arc hazards.

  • Fleece Helmet Liner: Fits between cradle and helmet shell for full integration.
  • Specialised Frost Cape with zip top fastening to be fitted to Specialised Fleece Helmet Liner



Approved To

Outer Woven Layer: ISO 11612 (flame resistant) A1 (flammability) B1
(convective heat). EN 1149-3 (protective clothing with electrostatic properties) IEC 61482-1-1:2009 ATPV 7.6cal/cm2*. IEC 61482-1-2:2007 Class 1 = 4ka*
(arc protection)
Inner Knitted Layer: ISO 11612 (flame resistant) A1 (flammability) B1(convective heat).
Combination fabric (dual layer) to ISO 11612 (flame resistant) A1 (flammability) EN 1149-3 (protective clothing with electrostatic properties) EN 61482-1-2:2007 Class 2 = 7ka

Key Features

Material: Outer woven and inner knitted fabric: 30% Nomex and Kevlar, 33% Viscose, 31% Modacrylique, 6% anti-static P-140 carbon anti-static fibre.
All materials used are flame resistant: VELCRO® Brand fastener is Black FR, Zip is Black FR (non-conductive) and Navy sewing thread made from Nomex® is used.
Frost Cape includes a FR membrane between the two layers of fabric to provide waterproof protection. The Frost Cape also has a Fluorocarbon finish to repel dirt and liquids such as chemicals, petrol and oil.

Product Codes: S50UFLSP - Specialised Nomex® Fleece Helmet Liner
S50NBFCSP - Specialised Nomex® Frost Cape