Sana Helmet Mounted Ear Defenders

The new Centurion Sana Ear Defenders offer a wide range of attenuation levels, from 25dB to 34dB, to suit the majority of industrial environments, providing protection against light industry noise through to extremely high noise levels. The Sana range was developed to provide superior performance and enhanced comfort and fit as well as being fully compatible with Centurion’s safety helmets and face protection.

  • Stylish cup design in matt Black with gloss features
  • Colour coded ring and front printing for easy identification and selection of the correct attenuation level
  • Easy to adjust steel arms for quick personalised fit
  • Compatible with the full range of Centurion safety helmets and face protection
  • Soft wide cushions for maximum comfort
  • The Sana ear defender range is also available as headband mounted versions




The optimal choice to protect your most important asset: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) used in the manufacture of Above-The-Neck safety equipment.

Euro Accessory Slot

Euro 30mm accessory slot for attachment of the full range of Centurion accessories.

Combi Accessory Slot

Patented Combi accessory slot for attachment of the full range of Euro and Connect accessories.

Connect Accessory Slot

Connect accessory slot for attachment of the full range of Connect accessories.

What do these icons mean?

Approved To

Approved to EN 352-3 and ANSI S3.19

Key Features

Materials: SNR level

Cup: ABS (Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene)

Foam: PU (Polyurethane)

Cushion: PU (Polyurethane)

Arms: Steel

Adaptor: PA (Polyamide / Nylon)

Clips: PA (Polyamide / Nylon)

: 25dB to 34dB

Product Codes:

Sana 25: 9943634 / Black with Green ring

Sana 30: 9943638 / Black with Yellow ring

Sana 34: 9943639 / Black with Red ring