MagAir Fixed Shade Welding Shield Kit

Our out of the box solution to the demands of head and face protection whilst welding - a complete respiratory protection system, including a heat resistant welding shield with large flip front lense with integral chipping lens.

  • Shade 10 Lens
  • Chipping Lens: F
  • Chipping Lens: F
  • Lightweight NiMH batteries, with a typical 8 hour usage before recharge
  • Over the course of 2017, you will see us deepen our commitment to global leadership in above the neck protection systems – re-branding the Martindale respiratory range under the Centurion name.



Approved To

EN 12941 TH2P
EN 14954 2A
EN 1835 LDH2
Welding Shield - EN 175

Key Features

Kit Contents: Fixed Shade Welding Shield
Magnum 1000 Plus Power Unit
Filter + 5 Pre Filters
Battery Charger
Headpiece Hose

Weight: Assembled with hose - 1043g
Hose only - 217g
Magnum 1000 Plus, belt, filter, pre-filter and battery pack - 999.1g

Product Codes: Kit - M23FSWVNKIT
Component Codes:
Headpiece - M23FSWVN
Magnum 1000 Plus - M23/1000PLUS/CB
Filter - M23P2/5
Pre Filters - M23PF/10
Battery - M23PLUS/B
Battery Charger - M23PLUS/BC
Headpiece Hose - M23HAHD