Helmet Mounted High Temperature Face Protection

The Centurion high heat range is designed to offer high levels of head protection for the toughest of environments, to provide specialist protection in areas of high temperatures.

  • Our face protection range consists of various face screens and carriers for mounting onto our Nexus High Heat or Vulcan high heat helmets.
  • Choice of screens dependant on application and heat severity, ranging from full Clear high heat screen, to 50/50 Duo Clear and Copper screen to full Gold screen to deflect the high radiant heat.
  • The Duo screen benefits from a Copper top screen that provides protection from radiant heat as well as infrared protection for the eyes while a Clear bottom screen provides improved visibility and safety when looking down and moving around.
  • Choice of two carriers (Polyetherimide and Coated metal), both compatible with both high heat helmets.



Approved To

Clear Triacetate Screen: EN 166:2001 F 1 3 9 T
Gold Screen: EN 166:2001 F 1 3 9 T | EN 171: 2002 4-5
Duo Copper Top Half Screen: EN 166:2001 B 1 3 9 T | EN 171: 2002 4-5
Duo Clear Triacetate Bottom Screen: EN 166:2001 B 1 3 9 T

Key Features

High Heat Carrier - Polyetherimide
High Heat Carrier with Thumbscrews - Polyetherimide
High Heat Metal Carrier - Coated Metal
Clear Triacetate Screen - 1mm Triacetate
Gold Screen - 1mm Green Polycarbonate
Duo Screen - 1mm Green Polycarbonate Top Half Screen with 1mm Clear Triacetate Screen

Visibility Length:
Clear Triacetate Screen - 210mm
Gold Screen - 210mm
Duo Screen - 95 mm Copper Top Half Screen, 115 mm Clear Bottom Screen

Product Codes:
9034135 - High Heat Carrier
9034136 - High Heat Carrier with Thumbscrews
9946471 - High Heat Metal Carrier
9034147 - Clear Triacetate Screen
9034145 - Gold Screen
9946566 - Duo Copper / Clear Triacetate Screen