General Purpose Cold Weather Hood System

Cold weather systems designed to assist you from Autumn to Winter, with components to keep all parts of your head warm in the winter months. The system provides the choice of either a universal fleece helmet liner or a Frost Cape in two colours.

  • Fleece Helmet Liner: Fits between cradle and helmet shell for full integration
  • Frost Cape: Waterproof outer with Fleece Inner and Bright Orange or Yellow colour with reflective strip. Zip top fastening to be fitted to Fleece Helmet Liner
  • Frost Cape with Ear Defender Compatibility: Waterproof outer with Fleece Inner and Bright Yellow or Orange colour with reflective strip. All as per existing Frost Cape, but with integrated Fleece Helmet Liner and facility to use helmet-mounted Ear Defender or for improved hearing due to mesh ear flaps
  • Face Warmer: To fit onto Frost Cape for total head and face warmth



Approved To

CE Approved to fit all Centurion Helmets.
When fitted to a Centurion helmet has been tested satisfactorily in our laboratory to EN 397, including the optional low temperature performance test of -40°C

Key Features

Material: Universal Fleece liner: Polyester fleece
Frost Cape: Outer: Waterproof Bright Orange / Yellow Oxford Polyester Fabric. Inner: Polyester Fleece. Wadding: Polyester
Face Warmer: Outer: Oxford Polyester Fabric and Polyester Mesh. Inner: Polyester Fleece

Weight: Universal Fleece Liner: 54g
Frost Cape: 73g
Frost Cape with Ear Defender Compatibility: 118g
Face Warmer: 31g

Product Codes: S50UFL: Universal Fleece Helmet Liner
S50HVYFC: Frost Cape Bright Yellow
S50HVOFC: Frost Cape Bright Orange
S50HVYEDFC: Frost Cape Bright Yellow with Ear Defender Compatibility
S50HVOEDFC: Frost Cape Bright Orange with Ear Defender Compatibility
S50FW: Face Warmer