Contour XIV Grey HT Face Screen

Use the Contour XIV Grey HT Face Screen with the Contour Carrier for specialised arc flash protection. Providing protection to ATPV Class 3 26cal/cm2 and also GS-ET-29 Class 2.

  • Provides specialised Arc protection and additionally also provides reduced COVID-19 transmission due to maximum facial coverage
  • System suitable for arc flash protection to 26cal/cm2 (ATPV - US Arc standard) and 10cal/cm2 (GS-ET-29 - European Arc standard)
  • Using Active Smart Technology - using the Arc energy to provide maximum protection to the wearer during an arc incident
  • With anti-fog and anti-scratch protection
  • Easy fit moulded polycarbonate face screen with transparent, compact chinguard
  • Contour Carrier compatible with Centurion Nexus and Concept helmets

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Approved To

ATPV 26cal/cm2 according to NFPA ASTM 2178 and also GS-ET-29 Class 2 10.1cal/cm2

Key Features

Material: Polycarbonate screen with anti-fog and anti-scratch coating

Weight: 223g

Colour: Grey HT Screen and Grey HT Chin Guard

Product Code: S840