ConceptAir Flip Up Visor Kit

Complete Respiratory Protection system with lightweight Flip up Polycarbonate visor - maximising all round vision and head coverage.

  • 200 litres of filtered air per minute
  • NEW lightweight Li-ion batteries, with a typical 8 hour usage before recharge
  • Complete with a TH2PSL particulate filter and 5 pre-filters
  • Complete COVID-19 Protection




Made in UK

Made in the Centurion manufacturing facility in Thetford, Norfolk, UK.

What do these icons mean?

Approved To

EN 12941 TH2P
EN 166 1 B 9 3

Key Features

Battery: NEW AND IMPROVED Battery up to 25% lighter*
*Compared to previous Martindale nickel metal hydride battery: M23PLUS/B

Weight: ConceptAir complete Kit - 4.2 kg
ConceptAir PAPR system (unit, belt, filter, battery) - 1kg
ConceptAir Visor Headpiece - 450g
ConceptAir Hose - 175g

Product Codes: ConceptAir Kit - R23FUVNKIT
Component codes:
Headpiece - R23FUVN
ConceptAir Power Unit - R23/2000PLUS
Filter - R23P2/5
Pre Filters - R23PF/10
Battery - R23BLI
Battery Charger - R23BCLI
Headpiece Hose - R23HAHD

How to Fit Concept Air Visor Kit

How to Fit Concept Air Components