Classic Helmet Mounted Face Protection System

Use the Classic range for industrial, impact rated helmet mounted face protection.

  • Reduced COVID-19 transmission due to maximum facial coverage
  • System suitable for industrial applications such as grinding due to grade B impact rating
  • Simple screen and carrier system for total cleaning and disinfection
  • System designed to be re-used, ensuring it is more economical and environmentally sound than single use alternatives
  • Polycarbonate screens for maximum impact protection and Acetate screens for chemical resistance.
  • Suitable for Centurion helmets.  Face Screens can be used with both Classic Carrier and Classic Browguard.



Approved To

All comply to EN 166 with the options for Face screens:-
S580/S590: 1 B 9 3
S591: 1 F 3
S592: 1 F 9 3 (EN 170 2-1,2)
S593: 1 F 3 (EN 169 3/5)
S595: 1 F 3 (EN 169 5)
S54/S590 ANSI/ISEA Z87.1-2010

Key Features

Material: Carrier: Nylon

Product Codes: S54CE: Carrier with clips.
With Euro clips (S565) fit all helmets except Vulcan and Reduced Peak 1125.
With Connect clips (S570) fit all helmets except Nexus and Vision Plus

S580: Face Screen - Polycarbonate 150mm

S590: Face Screen - Polycarbonate 210mm

S591: Face Screen - Acetate Clear 210mm

S592: Face Screen - Acetate Antifog 210mm

S593: Face Screen - Acetate Green Shade 3 210mm

S595: Face Screen - Acetate Green Shade 5 210mm