Classic Browguard System with Chin Guard

Use the Classic Browguard system for industrial, impact rated headband mounted face protection. The Browguard system allows you to fit our range of general purpose Face Screens or Chin Guard Face Screens without the need to mount directly to a safety helmet.

  • Reduced COVID-19 transmission due to maximum facial coverage
  • System suitable for industrial applications such as grinding due to grade B impact rating
  • Browguard system including Slip harness for simple cleaning and disinfection
  • System designed to be re-used, ensuring it is more economical and environmentally sound than single use alternatives
  • Polycarbonate screens for maximum impact protection and Acetate screens for chemical resistance.
  • Chin Guard Face Screens can be used with the Classic Carrier for when head protection is required.  Classic general purpose screens (without chin protection) can also be used with the Classic Browguard.
  • Flexible headband, fabric sweatband and dual strap system ensure maximum comfort and personalised fit.



Approved To

All comply to EN 166 with the following options for the face screens:
S910: 1 B 9 3
S911: 1 F 3
S912: 1 F 9 3 (EN 170 2-1,2)

Key Features

Material: Brow guard - Nylon.
Chin Guard Face Screens: - Polycarbonate Clear, Acetate Clear, Acetate
Antifog Chin Guard

Product Codes: S89 - Browguard
S91C - Chin Guard
S910 - Chin Guard Face Screen Polycarbonate
S911 - Chin Guard Face Screen Acetate Clear
S912 - Chin Guard Face Screen Acetate Antifog

Visibility Length: 160mm