ArcPro Clear Arc Flash Screens

ArcPro screens designed to protect against Arc Flash risks posed by electrical faults, and tested in accordance with EN 166.

  • Designed to be fitted to a Nexus, Vision, Concept Unvented or Vulcan Helmet using the S57 Hi-Temp 300 Carrier
  • Clear ArcPro screen approved to EN 166 option 8 (Protection against Short Circuit Electric Arc)



Approved To

EN 166:2001 with the options for Face screens:-
Clear: 1 B 8 9 3 (EN 170:2002 2-1,2)

Key Features

Material: ArcPro 225mm Face Screen and ArcPro 180mm
Face Screen for Chin Guard: 1.5mm Polycarbonate
ArcPro Brow guard and ArcPro Chin Guard: Polycarbonate
ArcPro Carrier: Polyetherimide

Screen Size: ArcPro Face Screen: 210mm visible length when fitted
ArcPro Face Screen for Chin Guard: 160mm visible length when fitted

Product Codes: ArcPro Clear 225mm Face Screen: S590AEA
ArcPro Clear 180mm Face Screen for Chin Guard: S910AEA
ArcPro Browguard: S89CAEA
ArcPro System Kits
ArcPro Helmet & Clear Screen Kit: S25WCCAEA