Centurion launch new premium badge holder

17 September 2018

Here at Centurion, we are proud to announce the launch of our new badge holder; this robust system combines premium adhesive for up to 40kg pull resistance and an easy ‘click lock’ functionality for added security. Our new badge holder system is an option that comes fitted to our specialised Spectrum safety helmet with integrated over spectacles, and our general purpose, lightweight, Concept safety helmet.

Employee data is becoming a crucial part of the business world, at Centurion, we recognise that badge holders help our end user clients the confidence and peace of mind to deliver their best. In early 2017, Carte BTP cards were made mandatory on construction sites in France. This direction was taken to further enhance safety on site, a decision welcomed by the industry.

The introduction of visible I.D cards to the industry is gaining global momentum, Highways England are a recent company to introduce a smart I.D card for their site workers. We believe that this offers a solution that could help make safe, safer.

Helmet mounted identification not only gives companies the ability to identify clearly who is on site, they can provide vital medical information in case of an incident. At Centurion, we believe that badge holders have great potential to continue to improve site safety, with advancements in technology, “smart” cards could ultimately provide information on workers specific skillsets or whether they have any training requirements.