Covid-19 – Centurion’s efforts to support the critical PPE supply chain

27 March 2020

For 140 years Centurion has protected the judgement and creativity that shape our world. Now more than ever, we understand what that protection means to the frontline services and staff that are combatting the outbreak of Covid-19 (Coronavirus).

As an industry we have seen unprecedented demand for certain PPE products over the last few weeks as organisations put in place measures to tackle the spread of Coronavirus. Often the PPE supply chain can be overlooked in situations like this, as the focus is rightly on the point of need, not necessarily how the products get there.

(Q&A) What are Centurion doing to address this?

Q1: Does Centurion produce products that are relevant to the Coronavirus outbreak?
A1: Yes, our polycarbonate screen with headband mounted browguard and our ConceptAir browguard/visor kit with ConceptAir High Efficiency Particulate Filter (HEPF) are critical PPE to protect our frontline services.

Q2: Does Centurion have capacity to produce these products?
A2: We are actively managing our supply chain along with our production capacity to ensure continuity of supply across our network. We have witnessed several years’ worth of demand in a couple weeks. Our production lines are still operating 24hrs a day, 5 days a week, to meet this unprecedented demand, and we have reskilled a number of our employees to support in the manufacture of these specific product lines. We do rely on a small percentage of certain components from global suppliers who are also trying to increase capacities to support the cause as quickly as they can.

Q3: Is Centurion supplying frontline services as a priority?
A3: Yes, we are working with our valued distribution partners to ensure products get to where they are needed most. This includes prioritising the NHS and MOD in the UK and key frontline services in the other countries we serve.

Centurion is proud to be a part of the critical PPE supply chain, trying to make a difference to the NHS and other healthcare facilities throughout the world, and like many companies, we will continue to do whatever we can to help during these unprecedented times.
We are grateful for the way in which all our employees, essential to the manufacture and supply of critical PPE, have adapted to these new and demanding circumstances

We appreciate that this is particularly challenging for those employees that operate our production lines, and we want to recognise that everyone’s commitment and flexibility, despite the various uncertainties which have arisen each day, has been magnificent.

We are so proud of all of our teams that are working around the clock to prioritise and produce products critical to our frontline services, with many working extended days and making major personal adaptations to maintain continuity of production and supply to those most in need.

Thank you and stay safe

Your Centurion Team