Centurion launches Contour – the innovative helmet-mounted face protection system

17 April 2018

As showcased at last year’s A+A exhibition, Centurion is proud to announce the launch of Contour. The innovative helmet-mounted face protection system is further evidence of the head protection leader’s commitment to solving problems based on user insight. Following extensive user research, Contour has been designed to redefine the face protection category. It tackles crucial issues with wearability and versatility that – Centurion believes – directly affect user safety.

The message from face protection wearers and specifers was clear – make them more compact, make them more intuitive, make them more adaptable. Often working in confined spaces, wearers of current face protection are struggling with screens that protrude too far outwards, too far upwards and are awkward to use. Centurion’s innovation team have designed a low profile carrier that uses a pivoting system to keep the screen close to the helmet and offer improved balance and comfort. This is accompanied by a unique TPE rubber collar to enhance protection against falling debris.

The new Contour carrier also boasts a series of easy-to-fit moulded screens for industry-leading versatility of application. The general purpose Contour X face screen protects against impact and fying debris. The multi-purpose Contour XI face screen has integrated chin protection and is approved to Class 1 Arc protection. The Contour XI also ensures total clarity for the wearer with a proven anti-fog, anti-scratch coating.

Further product extensions are already in development in response to wearer and specifier insight. Later this year, Centurion will introduce the new Contour XII screen – a pioneering protection screen that will be unique across Europe. The clearest GS-ET-29 Class 2 screen in the market, Centurion’s new offering will have a VLT Class 0 rating, but crucially will be virtually clear – unlike the dark green screens currently available. With the Contour XII, Centurion aims to eradicate electrical workers’ challenges with distinguishing cable colours – giving them the clarity to be at their best.