Continuing our commitment to driving safety standards

29 June 2018

At Centurion we believe that making safe safer is a responsibility – one that goes beyond the products we create to the debates and decisions that drive safety standards around the world. So we are proud to have strategic presence in the industry’s key global safety associations.

Here at Centurion, we are proud to be founding board members of the British Safety Industry Federation (BSIF), the UK’s leading trade body within the safety industry, since 1994. Newly appointed technical representatives Rod King (Test Engineer) and Tolu Olanrewaju (Product Designer Engineer) within the European TC158, UK PH6 and UK PH2 committees continue to drive safety standards forward.

Centurion CEO and non-exec director of BSIF, Jeff Ward says, “I am thrilled to be part of this progressive board. Distribution and manufacturers in the same industry federation can drive a step change in safety and health. Centurion is a proud advocate of the Registered Safety Supplier Scheme (RSSS) – and recently piloted the accredited Safety Supplier scheme where 10 Centurion employees recently received their certificates”.

Danish Standard is the official national standardisation organisation in Denmark, working to coordinate Danish involvement in European standardisation. Earlier this month, Claus Mortensen, our Regional Sales Manager in the Nordics, was elected as Chairman of the Committee S-350 at Danish Standard. His role as chairman is to coordinate the committees work to ensure delivery of all of their obligations.

SYNAMAP is a member of the European Safety Federation (ESF), and brings together safety industry manufacturers, distributors and consultants with the aim of driving safety standards across Europe. Jeremy Le Hot, our Regional Sales Manager in France, President of the SYNAMAP Head Protection Commission, and a candidate to become a new member of the SYNAMAP Executive Team.

ASEPAL is a non-profit organisation, aimed at preventing occupational hazards in the sector of Personal Protective Equipment. Victor Roig, our Regional Sales Manager in Iberia, has been a member of the association since January 2018. Victor plans to impart his knowledge to distributors and end users via training and education programs.

We believe that together we can make safe safer – through innovative partnerships, through deep user insight, and through the broader industry involvement that will drive standards around the world.