Centurion launches global re-brand at Intersec 2017

30 January 2017

Centurion, world leaders in above-the-neck protection, have today officially unveiled a major global rebrand and focus on the Middle East at the Intersec trade fair in Dubai.

This follows news of Centurion putting in place manufacturing tools to mould products for the region in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with the brand being the first head protection company to do so. Commitment to the Middle East has been further underlined with the appointment of a dedicated Sales Manager for the Middle East and Africa, as part of the company’s ongoing support for the region and its strategic imperative moving forward.

This was the first time that Centurion had exhibited at the world’s leading trade fair for security, safety and fire protection, which doubled as the backdrop to unveil its vision to key customers and industry insiders at a seminar held to outline the new company vision.
During the seminar, which included a presentation from the company’s new CEO, customers were taken through the brand identity, including the new logo, website and tagline, ‘When Clarity Counts’. In addition, they were walked through various fresh product innovations, which reflect the company’s deep rooted specialism in above-the-neck protection and fundamental belief in the human ingenuity at the heart of the industries it serves.

The rebrand is based on extensive consumer research which focuses on what is unique about protecting the head – which serves as a driver for product innovation and other behaviours such as head trauma research, insight and education.

Jeff Ward, CEO, commented:

“With a constant flow of major infrastructure projects planned throughout the region, there has never been a greater need for continuing advancement in head protection systems to ensure workers can deliver their best. By building on more than 100 years of specialism in this space, we’re proud to be an ‘enabler’ focusing on enhancing ‘wearability’ to empower workers to shape the modern world we live in and have the confidence to think clearly.

“This year, we look forward to driving innovation in the protective headwear market, and ensuring that above-the-neck protection continues to remain of paramount importance in the industry.”

Ahmed Kamel, Sales Manager for Middle East & Africa, also commented:

“We’re hearing from customers that this is the right time to really cement our focus in the region, and our manufacturing presence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a testament to this. Whilst safety of course remains paramount, our seminar also highlighted the importance of comfort, style and durability in head protection, and we’re looking forward to delivering new product innovations in 2017.”

Nesma Elarishy, Business Development Manager, Safety International Center, Egypt, also commented:

I really like the look and feel of the re-brand. The brand looks young and fresh. I work in Egypt as a distributor, and I like the fact that Centurion puts the worker first. I’m very close to my customers, sometimes even on the weekend I get calls, so I like the ‘customer first’ approach Centurion has. I liked what Jeff was talking about when he said that people actually often invest a lot in footwear for example but they forget to invest in one of the most important parts of their bodies – their heads. This really struck a chord with me, and I think it’s vital that we ‘think with our heads’ and invest in the right head protection for the job!”

Hazar Baddour, Intersec attendee, also commented:

“I’ve been coming to Intersec for a few years now and I like the stand for Centurion. I like how the products are displayed and the brand looks clean, premium and fresh.”