Centurion launch pioneering Contour Arc Class 2 face protection system

16 November 2018

Centurion are proud to announce their latest innovation – the Contour XIII – Europe’s clearest Arc Flash, face protection system.

Arc flash incidents are among the leading causes of injury or death for electrical workers. In the UK, there are an estimated 400 Arc Flash incidents, resulting in two fatalities, an average of 36 burn injuries and more than 230 x 7-day injuries, every single year. (Source: HSE). Yet confusion remains around the risks of Arc Flash – and how best to protect workers.

Currently there are two types of Arc Flash face protection:

  • Reflection – this protection acts like a mirror however once the surface is damaged protection is reduced – exposing the wearer to great risk, often without being visibly apparent
  • Absorption – this protection absorbs the energy from an Arc Flash and isn’t compromised by surface damage – but current systems require darker shading and impair the wearer’s vision

It is Centurion’s view that a piece of PPE is only effective if it enables the wearer to do their job to the best of their ability. So, they have partnered with Paulson, a leading Arc Flash face protection specialist to create a unique solution that delivers excellent levels of Arc Flash protection without compromising on levels of visible light transmission (VLT).

The result is Smart Active Absorption, Highly Transparent (HT) technology – a brand new nanotechnology that uses Arc energy to modify the screen and generate a carbonite layer across it to absorb heat, light and electromagnetic radiation. This HT technology has also dramatically improved the lifetime of the screen from 5 years to 10 years.

The beauty of this technology allows the class 2 screen to be the clearest ever available in Europe. Its class-leading VLT rating of >80%, meaning that workers’ issues with distinguishing cable colours will be a thing of the past.

With a permanent chinguard using HT technology and a longer life of 10 years – Centurion’s Clear-Grey Arc Class 2 Screen not only offers the excellent levels of protection, but unrivalled levels of visibility, wearability and durability.

As further demonstration of their commitment to making safe safer, the Contour system has been designed to seamlessly fit an extensive range of Centurion helmets and accessories – alleviating compatibility issues of the past. Centurion also run a bespoke certified Arc training module – so that workers truly have the clarity to be at their best.