Centurion at A+A – Kick starting 140th Anniversary Celebrations

23 October 2019

140 years protecting the men and women who shape the world we live in

We are proud to launch a year of 140th anniversary celebrations at Dusseldorf’s A+A trade fair.

The programme of events will be kicked off with a new film, paying tribute to our wearers and their transformative effect on our world over the last century and a half. The film ends with a look to the future and the transformations that the next 140 years will see. Where will Centurion’s continued innovation take us? And what effect will our future generation of wearers have on our world and the way we live in it? An exciting prospect in our view.

Partnering with Headway to combat brain injury in the workplace

We are proud to be at the start of an exciting journey with Headway, the UK brain injury charity.

The partnership centres around two shared goals. To raise funds to help Headway continue to develop its vital network of support for brain injury survivors. And to reduce the incidence of brain injury through greater awareness and understanding within construction and industrial sectors.

Introducing our unique new shock and penetration testing equipment and training

We believe that making safe safer demands innovation across every area of the business.

Our new mobile testing equipment uses a digital interface to enable us to demonstrate in real time what forces the neck is subjected to when wearing different helmet types. Used in parallel with our bespoke training modules, our expert team are now more equipped than ever to help companies choose the most appropriate protection for the specific risks their wearers exposed to.

Making safe simpler – new range navigation for total safety reassurance

At Centurion we are proud to design some of the worlds most advanced and premium above-the-neck protection. But we understand that everyone’s needs are different. And we understand the world of commercial pressures. So we think it’s our job to make our range uniquely easy to navigate – so that every Centurion specifier can be confident they are choosing the best protection for their wearers. From our entry-level all-purpose helmets to our most specialist and technical protection systems. The navigation is all backed up by the reassurance of our training modules and live demonstration equipment.

“Reimagining above-the-neck PPE” – an insight-led product development project in collaboration with UK Innovate

We believe that pushing boundaries in above-the-neck safety starts with deep understanding of our users and the changing working environment. So we are excited to be able to reveal the results of an 18 month project funded by a UK Innovate grant that set out to “reimagine above-the-neck PPE.”

Starting with a blank canvas, the project centred around several days spent with our design partners on constructions sites – observing wearers to better understand the risks they face and the practical challenges effecting the safety and usability of their PPE. The final result is something we are proud of – testament to our belief in the power of thinking in systems not siloes and our deep focus on driving standards not just in safety, but wearer comfort.

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New range, new brochure, new content to help us make safe safer together

And finally, the results of much of our recent efforts are brought together in our 2019 brochure. With our new range segmentation, new content to help specifiers navigate safety standards, a bundle of insight-led new products and new thinking around the future of safety.

Visit us at A+A in Dusseldorf to talk with our team and find out more – Hall 6 Stand A43