Enhanced cooling comfort

Wearers of PPE performing heavy work in hot and humid conditions are not only at risk of reduced concentration, productivity and safety. Heat stress can result in illness, injury or, in cases of heat stroke, even death if the symptoms are not treated early. Despite this, each year, more instances of heat-related illness occur globally among PPE wearers.

*Source: Occupational Heat Stress Profiles in Selected Workplaces in India


Our new technology keeps the wearer 100% dry while offering superior cooling benefits of 15°C below ambient temperature. It lasts up to four times longer than current wet cooling alternatives, is anti-bacterial and machine washable.

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How does KALIS Dry Cooling technology work?

Dry Cooling Technology uses an innovative two-part structure – storing water between a semi-permeable outer membrane and an impermeable inner layer. It cools the wearer by utilising energy from the water as it evaporates. This means that – in contrast to wet cooling systems whose lifecycles are shortened by humid conditions – our new system thrives in this environment and can last for over one to three days after a single activation.

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How the KALIS Dry Cooling Technology performs

And Dry Cooling’s advantages go beyond performance. Due to its longer-lasting cooling benefits and ability to be activated 750 times, our technology has significant cost benefits when measured over a five-year period.

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A review of options to protect your head and neck against prolonged heat exposure: the new KALIS Dry Cooling System as the optimal choice in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

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