Protección Facial de uso general Contour Clásico

Elija una pantalla facial de policarbonato y conéctela al portapantallas Contour Clásico para protegerse el rostro cuando utilice casco.

  • Reduced COVID-19 transmission due to maximum facial coverage
  • System suitable for industrial applications such as grinding due to grade B impact rating
  • Simple screen and carrier system for total cleaning and disinfection
  • System designed to be re-used, ensuring it is more economical and environmentally sound than single use alternatives
  • Contour Carrier compatible with Centurion Nexus and Concept helmets




]EN 166


Material: Contour Carrier: Nylon
Contour Face screen: Polycarbonate

Product Codes: S55COV Contour Face Screen Carrier
S600 Face Screen - 210mm