Update on Centurion’s Hard Hat Awareness Week

23. April 2020

During this time, it is hard to focus on anything other than COVID-19 for obvious reasons. For 140 years Centurion have believed in protecting people not only physically through PPE but also protecting their mental health and wellbeing. We believe that having the correct, most comfortable PPE whilst giving high levels of protection is also key to a person’s wellbeing, helping them feel valued and protected by their employer.

As we all move through these uncertain times together its worth taking time to reflect on how much we valued our PPE this time last year to now. Sometimes we take these things for granted, forgetting that they are protecting us every day, sending us home safely to our loved ones.

At Centurion we take no decision lightly but due to the current climate and the worlds focus on COVID-19 we have taken the decision to move our #hardhatawarenessweek from the 8th-14th June to 21st-27th of September 2020. We hope that all those that are supporting us will continue to do so at the later date and this will also allow others the time to join in this UK first initiative. https://centurionsafety.eu/hard-hat-awareness/

Let’s get together across all industries to understand how a head injury can cause subsequent brain injury. Let’s support Headway who in turn support others with life changing injuries. Amongst all that is happening in the world let’s get together and audit our hard hats, making sure that they are protecting our lives as they should be.

Take care and stay safe.