The CEO Blog – Anniversary Update – May

17. Mai 2021

We are celebrating a very special Anniversary this month and I’m proud to say that Centurion is 142 years old!

To set some context on what was happening in the world in 1879, here are a few interesting facts: The Writer of “Mary had a Little Lamb” and the Creator of the American “Thanksgiving Holiday”, Sarah Hale, died. Fulham FC and Sunderland FC were started, whilst in South Africa, the Anglo-Zulu War was fought between the British Empire and the Zulu Kingdom. The multinational chemical company, Linde AG of Germany, was originally founded in the same year and Blackpool Council experimented with the “new” concept of electric street lighting along the seafront and so the famous Illuminations were born!

This month, I am also celebrating one year as the CEO of Centurion and can reflect on our many challenges and achievements.

The past 12 months have been difficult and strange for everyone but it has been inspiring to see how people across the world have adapted to Covid and I am very proud to say that everyone at Centurion is no exception. We have played our part in keeping people safe, with supplying 450,000 Face Screens to customers in a variety of international markets and developing a new application for Respiratory products in the Dentistry Industry.

We have also acknowledged our responsibility to the planet and see the positive and viable commercial opportunities this will bring to our business. We have therefore launched some new initiatives; as well as recycling our own plastic waste, we are actively researching suitable Bio-Materials to use in our products and we are committed to gain the ISO14001 (Environmental Standard) in 2021.

We are putting Innovation back at the centre of everything we do. Having launched in March the first Safety Helmet with the protection of a Mips cradle – the ‘Nexus Extreme Mips’, we see this new partnership approach providing a blueprint for future innovations and positive business relationships.

As well as style, we believe that innovation, compatibility, connectivity and exceeding standards and protection for the wearer of our products is absolutely vital and key to the success of our business, so that we may continue for another 142 years.

Happy Birthday to us!

Nick Hurt (CEO)