17. August 2020

This is a general document and is not specific to any contaminant, including viruses and bacteria.
During these unprecedented times face screens may be a preferred protection for certain workers in all settings. The recommendations often focus on approved respirators but forget the wider benefits of face screens. When the correct face screen is used they offer good protection, excellent optical class and when used correctly, can help reduce wearers’ exposures to aerosol spread, however, they should be used in conjunction with local social distancing rules and good hygiene as this is still the best way to control the spread of any disease. They are not a substitute for face coverings but may be used in instances where social distancing is not possible or where added precautionary measures are required. Please remember that PPE is still the last line of defence and all other means of controlling the risk should also be explored.
This document will guide you through Face screens.

TECHNICAL BULLETIN – Face Screens in all Settings