Hard Hats and Safety Helmets – A Guide to Protection – Series 3

9. Juli 2020

In series 2 we spoke about compatibility and what that means to you as a specifier or wearer. We highlighted what this means as part of the official PPE regulations and to Centurion Safety Products specifically. In this series 3, Centurion Safety would like to discuss accessories and the benefits of integrated eyewear.

Series 3: Let’s talk accessories

An accessory is something a manufacturer has made that fits on your safety helmet or hard hat. This could be in these times of COVID-19, a social distancing device or maybe something simple like a lamp or reflective stickers. In all cases, you will need to ask if these items are compatible with your headgear. In other words, will the safety helmet or hard hat still perform to the approved standard with the accessory attached? Has the accessory the required approvals to fit your safety helmet or hard hat and keep you safe? Is the adhesive on the sticker compatible with the safety helmet or hard hat?

In the case of safety helmets or hard hats that have integrated eye or face protection, these would need to have been tested to the eyewear standard of EN 166, but also to the Industrial standard of EN 397 (or your specific safety helmet/hard hat standard). This then gives the wearer the peace of mind that both the helmet and integrated face protection function not only individually to the standard but also as a system.

So, what does Centurion Safety Products think?

We believe that all accessories either additional or integrated should work seamlessly with your safety helmet or hard hat. They should give the wearer or specifier the peace of mind that they will perform to the level required in an incident. At Centurion, we test with the eyewear in-use and not in-use, even though the industrial safety helmet standard does not specify either when testing. This gives our wearers peace of mind, knowing that if an incident occurred, they would be protected. With experts predicting that half the population of the world will need prescription glasses by 2050, we know it made sense to design integrated protection that fitted over spectacles. This meant that our wearers have peace of mind knowing that their eye protection was safe, never lost and always to hand. Centurion Safety has the wearer at the heart of everything they do. So next time you are purchasing a safety helmet or hard hat ask yourself these questions:

Do I want my eye protection safe and always to hand?

Do the accessories I’m purchasing work with my safety helmet/hard hat?

Do the accessories I have perform together according to the applicable standards?

Our next series covers what safety helmet standard do I wear and why.