Quality & Regulatory Manager

This role will be to ensure systems and processes are demonstrably in place and working effectively to exceed the requirements of ISO 9001 & other related Regulations, i.e. PPE Regulation, REACH, etc
A key focus of the role will be to lead a modern Business Quality System that facilitates efficient change and risk management whilst supporting the growth aspirations of the business and to be the ‘Quality’ face of the business with suppliers, customers, test houses and Notified Bodies

Key accountabilities and responsibilities:

  • Compliance with ISO 9001 and all other related regulations, ie PPE Regulation, REACH, etc
  • Proactively risk assess changes/decisions made in the business to minimise negative impacts; via the Business Quality Management System
  • Ensure process/systems are actively working, across the supply chain, to ensure product dispatched from the factory is compliant with company performance claims. This includes product made for Centurion by third parties overseas that are shipped directly to customers, i.e. bump caps, Saudi
  • Proactively form part of relevant continuous improvement programmes that either increase efficiency/effectiveness/reduce risk, including PPV programmes and ECRs
  • Be an active member of the NPD team driving the balance between risk management and innovation
  • Be a proactive member of the Senior Operations Management Team ensuring that Quality is playing an active role in driving the business forward in a controlled way
  • Leading the auditing process for internal and external partners
  • Manage the members of the quality team to perform in alignment with company objectives

Key Skills:

  • Able to analyse and assess, sometimes significant amounts of, data and to drill back to a potential root cause and corrective action
  • Significant experience auditing both externally and internally
  • Able to establish and apply processes pragmatically

If you wish to be considered for this role please apply in writing along with your CV to Stacey Wightman – Head of People Experience outlining why you feel you would be suitable for the position and detailing your relevant skills and experience.

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