The Kitemark – continual quality assurance in a changing world

21 December 2016

At Centurion we’re firm believers that the only constant in this world is change. That’s why we continually challenge ourselves to find simpler, smarter ways to keep workers safe in today’s evolving working environments. That’s also why we’re proud to have held the prestigious Kitemark – continuously – for 40 years.

The Kitemark is an unrivalled stamp of quality. From its creation in 1903 it is now recognised globally as a Business Superbrand – whose independent testing has become the benchmark in product quality and compliance.

The Kitemark, in our view, is so valuable for two reasons.

Firstly, unlike the CE mark which certifies businesses to minimum legal requirements, the Kitemark sets standards of compliance that go far beyond the legal minimum. We believe in always striving for what is best, not what is simply permitted. And we believe the Kitemark is fitting testament to this ethos.

Secondly, much of the Kitemark’s rigour is rooted in its insistence on regular testing and re-testing businesses against its exacting standards. And in its constant monitoring and review of those standards to ensure they remain resolutely fit for the world they operate in.

So the Kitemark isn’t proof that a business has ‘passed a test’ – it’s proof that a business is constantly maintaining the highest of standards – a feat that demonstrates a deeper commitment to going above and beyond.

Our job is to keep people safe. So our view will always remain black and white. There can be no “that’ll do” when lives are at risk. Acceptable isn’t ever acceptable when we know we can push for better. And meeting standards will never be enough when we could be setting standards.

That’s why we look forward to partnering with Kitemark for the next 40 years and beyond. And that’s why we encourage every PPE purchaser, specifier and wearer to look for the Kitemark on their brand of protective equipment. So that workers can enjoy workplaces that are as safe as our collective efforts and ingenuity can make them.