RSSS – driving safety standards across the industry

27 November 2016

When the health of our workers is at stake, companies of every type and size will agree that only the best is good enough. But how can Health and Safety Officers be sure they are partnering with quality, credible PPE providers?

The Registered Safety Supplier Scheme (RSSS) is the British Safety Industry Federation’s way of offering just that reassurance – and at Centurion we are proud to be members.

Every RSSS member is independently audited every single year. Products are subjected to random testing for performance and compliance to claimed standards. RSSS members commit to their customer-facing employees being trained in the Safe Supply Accreditation programme to ensure individuals’ capability in PPE and Safety & Health.

Membership of the scheme involves more than testing and training. It includes a shared commitment to advocating the scheme’s benefits to other health and safety providers.

So customers can have confidence that they are working with suppliers they can trust. And the industry can have confidence that the benchmarks for safety will continue to be raised.

That’s why at Centurion we value our status as Registered Safety Supplier so highly. And that’s why we are energetic in our efforts to spread RSSS membership across the entire PPE industry – so safe can continue to become even safer.