Hard Hats and Safety Helmets – A Guide to Protection – Series 2

30 June 2020

In series 1 we spoke about the different types of plastics that hard hats and safety helmets are made from. We highlighted the 3 most popular materials, although there are other types that can be used. In this series, Centurion would like to discuss compatibility, in that is the PPE you are wearing compatible and how do we view the question of compatibility as a global expert in head protection?

Series 2: Let’s talk compatibility

What is compatibility and what does that mean to you as a wearer?

The law states that employers must provide adequate protection for workers and that protection must be suitable. Compatibility is relevant because The Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations states that when employees wear more than one item of PPE that the equipment should be compatible and when used together, will adequately control the risks against which they are provided to protect. It is therefore worth considering that even if a hard hat or safety helmet is tested to the standard say EN397 for example, does adding ear protection change dynamically the way it would react in an incident?

So, what does Centurion Safety Products think?

Compatibility can cause major issues for the user where comfort and safety are concerned. When purchasing PPE, it is not only worth thinking about do they work together? but also if the items are tested together and are meeting the requirements of the standard. Centurion aims to design products that work together in harmony, thus providing increased comfort and optimal performance for the wearer. Centurion firmly believe that products should be tested together for performance evaluation. For example, when we manufactured our Kalis helmet cooling pad, we ensured this was then tested in all our hard hat/safety helmets so that the product still met the performance criteria as set out in the applicable standard. This gives our wearers peace of mind that all Centurion products are tested to not only work together, but also to perform together, keeping you safe whilst you are at work. In the varying jungle that is the PPE market, it is worth asking yourself 2 important questions when selecting your products.

Do they work together from a comfort perspective?

Do they perform together according to the applicable standard?

Our next series will cover hard hat /safety accessories and why use integrated.