High Temperature Screens and Carrier

A complete screen and carrier system designed to supply specialist protection in areas at risk of radiant temperatures.



Approved To

All comply to EN 166 with the following options
S598: 1 F T 9 3
S603/S605: 1 F T 9 3 (EN 169 3/5)
S760: 1 F T 9 3 (EN 171 4-5)

Key Features

Material: Carrier: Polyetherimide
Face Screens: Triacetate Clear, Clear shade 3 and 5 and Gold Polycarbonate

Visibility Length: 210mm

Product Codes: S57 - Carrier for Vulcan helmet

S57S - Carrier for Spectrum helmet

S598: Face Screen - Triacetate Clear

S603: Face Screen - Triacetate Clear shade 3

S605 - Face Screen Triacetate Clear shade 5

S760 - Face Screen Gold Polycarbonate